Large enterprises and software product companies serve their customers with a fairly complex portfolio of products and solutions. Maintaining such complicated systems, building version upgrades, and providing customization and integration services can be a very costly and cumbersome endeavor.

We offer software maintenance for the commercial products and mission-critical enterprise solutions that we build for our clients. Our teams work as an extension of our client teams to accelerate release cycles, migrate an existing solution to a different technology architecture, and deliver customization and integration to specific customers.

Since these commercial products and solutions are designed and developed by Priya International Ltd teams, we bring to bear our unique set of insights into how the product or solution would behave under various custom environments and scenarios.

Our Maintenance, Migration and Porting services bring the following benefits to our clients :
  • Higher efficiencies through a modernized, standardized, and streamlined IT portfolio.

  • Ability to penetrate new markets and address unique customer needs.

  • Improved time to market due to compressed release cycle.

  • Increased customer satisfaction.

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